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10 million Americans with disabilities are at risk of losing the services that enable them to live and participate in the community.

Act Now Why It Matters

Update: October 19, 2017

The attacks on health care continue from both the White House and Congress and we need to keep up the advocacy!

The Senate is expected to vote on the 2018 budget resolution today or tomorrow. This is the beginning of a process that will eventually enable Congress to pass tax cuts for the wealthy, and which will force deep cuts to various safety net programs. We are very concerned that this will include cuts to Medicaid and other essential services for people with disabilities. Although we expect this vote will pass, it is a critical time to remind your Senators on the importance of Medicaid for people with disabilities .

The President is also attacking the Affordable Care Act. While these attacks are not directly on Medicaid, they will nevertheless impact people with disabilities. We need to continue educating members of Congress on the importance of Medicaid and affordable health care for people with disabilities. 

Please call your member of Congress and tell them to oppose any bill or budget that proposes to cut or cap Medicaid and ask them to support bi-partisan actions around healthcare, including actions to stabilize the market. 


Our Mission

10 million people with disabilities rely on Medicaid to live and participate in their communities. Over the past few months, Congress has attempted to pass several different healthcare bills, all of which proposed devastating cuts to Medicaid.  The fight is not over. Congress may try again to pass significant cuts to Medicaid, whether through another healthcare bill, in the budget, or in tax reform.  We need to continue to educate members of Congress about the importance of Medicaid to the lives of people with disabilities.

Our purpose on this website is to help people with disabilities, their families, and advocates/allies understand the impact of the changes proposed by Congress and give them the tools to advocate. 

Please contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or additional resources you'd like to see included.


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