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10 million Americans with disabilities are at risk of losing the services that enable them to live and participate in the community.

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Update: November 20, 2018

The proposed public charge rule discriminates against immigrants with disabilities and their families trying to enter the U.S. (get a visa) or get a green card (become a permanent resident). It is critical that your make your voice heard and oppose this rule! Check out these resources to help you submit comments by December 10th.  Here's a link to help you comment on the rule. Remember to individualize the comments about why you care about the rule and how you or someone you know will be impacted. For state and local grassroots organizations, check out these Template Comments Regarding Public Charge and Disability to use as a starting point for comments. Learn more about the public charge rule and what it means for people with disabilities with this grassroots explainer and a more detailed info sheet.  And check back for here for general information and updates on the public charge rule. 

Our Mission

10 million people with disabilities rely on Medicaid to live and participate in their communities. Over the past year, Congress attempted, and failed, to pass several different healthcare bills with devastating cuts to Medicaid.  But the fight is not over. Congress may try again to pass significant cuts to Medicaid, whether through the budget or in another healthcare or tax bill.  Federal agencies are also proposing policies that hurt people with disabilities who rely on Medicaid.  We need to continue to educate government leaders about the importance of Medicaid to the lives of people with disabilities.  

Our purpose on this website is to help people with disabilities, their families, and advocates/allies understand the impact of the changes proposed by Congress and federal agencies and give them the tools to advocate.

Please contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or additional resources you'd like to see included.