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Update: August 7, 2020

Getting the next COVID-19 bill passed before Congress recesses is at risk. Negotiations on the Senate’s latest COVID-19 relief package, the HEALS Act, may end without a deal before Congress leaves on recess, so we need to keep up our advocacy!

If negotiations end and Senators go home without a deal being reached, it’s likely nothing more will be done until at least Labor Day, or possibly later. What we need can’t wait that long, so please push your Senators not to go home for August recess until a new COVID-19 bill is passed that meets the needs of disabled people. You can find more information here, including call and email scripts.

Rather than releasing the HEALS Act as a single bill, it was released as a series of bills. You can find information on each of those bills here. For more on what priorities are and are not included in the HEALS Act, check out our summary here and for a quick comparison of the HEALS Act and the HEROES Act, click here.


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