Don’t Cap My Care Rally – (Missoula, Montana)

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Senator Steve Daines’ Office
218 E. Front Street
Misoula, Montana

There is an event scheduled for June 6th from 12pm-1pm local time at Senator Steve Daines’ Office.

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What you Need to Know

  1. 10 million people with disabilities rely on Medicaid for critical service that help them live and participate in their community.
    • Many people with disabilities are unaware that the services they receive are part of Medicaid. Services funded through Medicaid may be called something else in your state. If you’re a person with a disability and you receive any community-based support, it’s very likely through Medicaid.
    • Eg: nursing and personal care services, specialized therapies, intensive mental health services, special education services, and other needed services that are unavailable through private insurance.
  2. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) would decimate Medicaid — it would lead to more than $800 billion in cuts over the next decade.
  3. In response states will have no choice but to reduce services, cut optional services, restrict eligibility, and increase waiting lists.
  4. People with disabilities will be disproportionally harmed.  They make up about 14% of Medicaid participants but account for 40% the cost.
  5.  The home and community based services (HCBS) on which people with disabilities rely are especially at risk because they are optional and could be completely eliminated.
  6. There is no “acceptable” cap on Medicaid: the goal of any cap is to cut Medicaid spending.
  7. Caps don’t give states more flexibility.  They just give states less money.
  8. The caps being proposed in the AHCA have absolutely nothing to do with the ACA (Affordable Care Act).  Capping Medicaid absolutely should not be part of any conversation about how to improve the ACA.
  9. Vote no to the AHCA or any bill that caps or cuts Medicaid, cuts healthcare for people with disabilities, and does not protect people with pre-existing conditions.
  10. Take caps off the table and let’s have a conversation about how to improve the ACA.
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