Utah – Graham-Cassidy Protest (Salt Lake City)

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3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Wallace Bennett Federal Building
125 S State St, Ste 4225
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Congressional efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act just won’t die…
After 3 different plans went up in flames in July, Senate republicans are reviving their desperate attempt to undo Obamacare’s progress through the most dangerous bill yet. 

This bill would undo patient protections– like those forbidding pre-existing condition discrimination– and would completely dismantle the ACA, turning all funding for the individual market and medicaid expansion into block grants that would not keep up with inflation– leaving states facing dramatic budget cuts. 

What’s even worse is that all funding for these block grants ends in 2026– meaning that 32 million people would be left without any access to coverage. 

In fact, the Graham-Cassidy plan would be more devastating than a straight repeal of the ACA without a replacement due to its drastic cuts to Medicaid. 

This would create an eviscerated, inadequate, zombie healthcare system that is a mere shadow of our current system. 

The good news is the Senate only has until September 30th to pass a healthcare bill with just 50 votes — after that, they will be required to pass the 60-vote threshold. 

That means that if we kill this incarnation, the zombified efforts to repeal Obamacare will finally be dead, once and for all. 

So we need your energy one more time! 

Monday morning, Senator Hatch is facilitating a hearing on this dangerous legislation in the Finance Committee he chairs. 

Join us Monday afternoon to let him know that Utah does not support this bill that would put our most vulnerable neighbor’s lives at risk. 

Zombie makeup or costumes optional but welcome! 

We also encourage attendees to make headstone-shaped signs with names of different pre-existing conditions (like seen in the event cover photo) or other healthcare messages.

more details from CBPP: 
and Commonwealth Fund: http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/blog/2017/sep/potential-effects-of-graham-cassidy

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