Attacks on the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare

While these are not specifically about Medicaid, the following will impact people with disabilities. 

Trump’s Executive Order

On October 12, President Trump signed an Executive Order which will allow and encourage the creation of insurance plans that will be cheaper but have much few benefits than the “essential health benefits” currently allowed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that provide critical services to people with disabilities (see here). These insurance plans also will not have to follow the ACA’s requirement that plans cannot discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, including people with disabilities. While this Executive Order is about private health insurance not Medicaid, it will likely impact people with pre-existing conditions, including people with disabilities, by increasing premiums and destabilizing the market. 

Trump’s Decision to De-fund Cost Sharing Reductions (CSRs)

On October 12, President Trump also announced that the government would stop providing subsidies to health insurance companies serving low-income Americans, called Cost Sharing Reductions (CSRs). These payments reduce the insurance payments for low-income people by reducing their deductibles and co-payments. This will have the effect of making health care less affordable by increasing premiums. It will also destabilize the markets. Halting these subsidies will also cost taxpayers more than continuing the subsidies. The Senate is currently working on a bi-partisan proposal to continue payment of CSRs.

The attacks on healthcare continue. We need to stay vigilant in reminding our members of Congress of the importance of affordable health care, and to urge them to work on bipartisan solutions to health care concerns.

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