Budget Resolution 2018

Budget Resolution 2018

On October 26, the House adopted the 2018 Budget Resolution that had been passed by the Senate.  A budget resolution lays out a plan for Congress to enact budget-related legislation, in this case tax reform, that can be passed by a simple majority of the Senate instead of the usual 60 votes for other types of legislation.

The 2018 Budget Resolution marks the beginning of a process that will allow Congress to move forward with tax legislation that is expected to disproportionately benefit wealthy individuals and large corporations and that will increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next decade.  The increased federal deficit — combined with the need to “pay for” any tax cuts beyond $1.5 trillion — makes Medicaid and other disability programs an ongoing target. 

Our colleagues at Justice In Aging put together a great explanation of the Budget Resolution.

The disability community must remain vigilant in ensuring that members of Congress are educated about the importance of Medicaid and are asked to oppose cuts or caps to Medicaid.  Here are tax reform principles and recommendations developed by the Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities to help guide our advocacy.   

We must fight to make sure that tax cuts are not made at the expense of  the critical services like Medicaid on which people with disabilities rely. 

We can’t let this happen. Please, take action today. 


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