Disability Integration Act (DIA)

The Disability Integration Act is bipartisan legislation that aims to ensure that Americans with disabilities have the right to live and receive services in their own homes.  The DIA was reintroduced in the 116th Congress on January 15th, 2019 (S. 117 in the Senate, H.R. 555 in the House).


Over 28 years after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), some people with disabilities and older Americans still are forced into nursing homes and other institutions to receive the services and supports they need even though they’d prefer to receive services in the community.  This is, in part, because there is an institutional bias in Medicaid (the primary source of community-based services) and a lack of accessible, affordable housing.  Research and experience shows that community-based services lead to better outcomes and are less expensive than institutional care.  The DIA is a legislative solution to ensure the full integration of people with disabilities in the community. 

The DIA:

  • clarifies that every individual who is eligible for long term services and supports (LTSS) has a federally protected right to a real choice in how they receive services and supports;
  • ensures that states and other LTSS insurance providers deliver services in a manner that allows  individuals to live in the most integrated setting, have maximum control over their services and supports, and lead an independent life;
  • gives states broad latitude to determine how they will secure the right to community living;
  • establishes a comprehensive planning requirement that includes enforceable
  • requires public entities to address the need for affordable, accessible, integrated housing that is independent of service delivery; and establishes stronger, targeted enforcement mechanisms.


The DIA was first introduced in the 114th Congress (as H.R. 5689 in the House, S. 2427 in the Senate).  Sen. Schumer, Senate Minority Leader at the time, reintroduced the bill (S. 910) in the 115th Congress with minor changes, and Representative Sensenbrenner, who was a cosponsor during the 114th Congress, introduced the DIA (H.R. 2472) in the House of Representatives.


You can learn more about the DIA here: http://www.disabilityintegrationact.org/.



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