June 6th Day of Action and Media

Sponsored the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities & Allies

On June 6th thousands of people across the U.S. took a stand to protect Medicaid, stop Medicaid cuts and caps, and save the services that allow people with disabilities to live and participate in their community. We joined together and said “No!” to over $800 billion in cuts that will leave 10 million people with disabilities at risk of losing the services they depend on.

People rallied in D.C. and across the nation; called, wrote letters to, tweeted, and visited their representatives; took selfies to show the “Faces of Medicaid“; shared their stories and asked others to join; wrote op-eds; and more.

Please enjoy and add to our photo wall “Faces of Medicaid

We’ve put together photos of the days action. You can submit your own through our story portal or email them to estphens@cpr-ma.org.

Twitter Storm

In 24 hours: there were over 19,500 tweets to #SaveMedicaid with over 76.9 Million timeline deliveries! And we were trending on twitter –  not just in DC – for a good while yesterday. 

There were 8,911 different contributors, so quite a lot of people participated at some level. 

Media Coverage


Take Action Now! – Alison Barkoff’s Blog on MomsRising 

Listen to Alison Barkoff talk about the Fight to Save Medicaid on MomsRising

Disability Advocates Protest Medicaid Cuts

 GOP Medicaid Cuts Hit Rural America Hardest, Report Finds

Disability Advocates Fear Impact Of Medicaid Cuts In GOP Health Plan

Open Letter to U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from a Fellow Special Needs Mom

Senate Democrats on Trumpcare: ‘No Cuts, No Caps’ for Medicaid

Politico Pulse on June 6th and the 7th

Press Release


Senator Daines Urged To Protect Medicaid

Advocates: Proposed federal cuts to Medicaid detrimental to people with disabilities

Guest column: Medicaid rally on Monday

Group says bill could hurt disabled

‘Die-in’ held at Daines’ office protests planned GOP Medicaid cuts

Missoula locals protest in front of Senator Steve Daines’ office


WFTV, ABC Affiliate in Florida: News Piece Featuring the Jennings


FOX23 Affiliate in Oklahoma

FOX23 Affiliate in Oklahoma 


Local concerns persist over looming GOP health care bill


Disability advocates fear impact of Medicaid cuts


Parents rally against Medicaid Cuts


Alliance: Colorado Communities for People with Developmental Disabilities Press Release

Press Release

‘Don’t Cap Our Care’

The Denver Channel: Cross-Disability Coalition says health care changes could be costly for Colorado’s disabled

Chicago, Illinois

Disability rights advocates rally in Loop against proposed Medicaid cuts

Channel 5 @4pm: http://my.tvey.es/Fy78A

Channel 5 @6pm: http://my.tvey.es/i2NFa

Channel 7: http://my.tvey.es/Ze6m9





According to Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), “Medicaid cuts will harm children, families, people with disabilities, veterans, and aging Americans. It is wrong to cut the essential services so that the rich can receive a massive tax cut. I will work to keep Medicaid whole and keep services flowing.”

Cindy Jennings of Lititz, PA said, “My son Matthew is why I’m here, fighting against cuts to Medicaid.  Matthew and I have a lot in common—we both work and are active in our community.  Our life, which is probably a lot like yours, is possible because of Medicaid.  Matthew’s disabilities require supports that give him dignity and independence and, without his Medicaid-funded services, I couldn’t work and provide for our family.  Medicaid makes all the difference for our family and thousands of families across the country and I won’t let Congress take it and all the progress Matthew has made away.”

According to Kim Musheno, Chair of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, the largest national coalition of disability organization in the country, “Today’s rallies and actions across the country send a clear message to Congress that the entire disability community and our allies are united in opposition to Medicaid cuts and caps.  The lives of millions of people with disabilities and their families literally depend on Medicaid.  Billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid would decimate our country’s community support system and put people’s lives at risk.” 



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