Act During Congressional Recess


With the hard work of the disability community, we successfully educated members of Congress, and stopped all of the proposed health care bills! However, there are still a number of ways in which Congress could cut health care and Medicaid. We must not let that happen.

Your Congressional representatives will be on recess and working in their state offices through Labor Day (Sept. 4).  We need your help to ensure that lawmakers in both chambers know that you are invested in making sure they do not approve legislation that would cut or cap Medicaid. Please, meet with your representatives, attend a Town Hall or an event or write an op-ed.  Let your representatives know that cuts to Medicaid put individuals with disabilities at risk of losing essential services that allow them to live and work in the community. This cannot happen. Help them understand the importance by sharing your personal story. 

Key messages:

  • Do NOT allow Medicaid to be gutted.  Caps and block grants would decimate the program on which people with disabilities and seniors rely for critical healthcare and community services.  
  • Medicaid must be off the table in any conversation about the Affordable Care Act.
  • Any healthcare conversations in Congress must be bi-partisan and done in the regular order, through committees and with hearings.
  • Vote NO on any bill that would cut or cap Medicaid, whether it is another healthcare bill, the budget, or a tax bill.
Attend a Town Hall or Event
Continue Calling
More Detailed Talking Points

Additional Resources

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