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On November 16, the House voted and passed their tax bill. The Senate is expected to vote shortly after Thanksgiving. If the Senate bill passes there will be a conference negotiation between the two chambers over the final legislation.

On November 9, Senate Republicans released their tax reform plan, one week after the House released their plan. While there are differences, both contain massive tax cuts for wealthy individuals and large corporations that will increase the deficit by trillions of dollars over the next decade and both contain specific provisions that disproportionately harm people with disabilities;  and the Senate bill repeals the individual mandate to obtain health insurance. 

While neither bill directly cuts Medicaid they dramatically cut revenue necessary to fund Medicaid and leave it vulnerable to future cuts. In combination with the budget that passed three weeks ago – outlining over $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid – the proposed tax cuts and repeal of key provisions of the ACA will increase demand for Medicaid, decrease the funds available for home and community based services and supports, and reduce the amount of revenue available to states to pay support Medicaid.


Our Biggest Concerns:

  • Massive tax cuts put Medicaid on the chopping block. (House and Senate)
  • Repeal the individual mandate – leaving hundreds of thousands with disabilities without insurance. [Talking Points](Senate)
  • It eliminates a tax deduction vital to Americans with high medical costs. (House)
  • It eliminates an incentive for businesses to hire people with disabilities. (House)
  • It eliminates (House) or limits (Senate) the tax credit to assist with the development of drugs for people with rare diseases.
  • The $1.5 trillion increase will cause an automatic $25 billion year cut to Medicare (see CBO letter). (House and Senate)

More attacks on People with Disabilities 

  • It threatens research into treatments that disproportionately benefit people with disabilities. (House)
  • It makes it more costly for small businesses to hire people with disabilities. (House)
  • It reduces incentives for charitable giving to organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities. 

We can’t let this happen. Please, take action today.
The Senate Finance Committee will likely vote on this bill Thursday or Friday of THIS week.

What Can You Do?

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