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Current Issues: What We’re Watching

  • The Federal Budget for Fiscal Year ’19
    • The President’s proposed budget would cut billions of dollars from Medicaid and health care subsidies
    • The proposal also includes policies and budget cuts that would disproportionately harm people with disabilities from accessing health care
  • Medicaid Work Requirements
    • The federal government has approved, and is reviewing more applications from multiple states to impose work requirements for people to receive Medicaid
    • These requirements are supposed to exempt people with disabilities, but they fail to do so for a variety of reasons and will result in the loss of Medicaid for many families
  • Money Follows the Person (MFP)
    • This program has helped over 75,000 seniors and people with disabilities move out of institutional settings and into the community with their families and loved ones, leading to better health outcomes, improved quality of life, and less state spending
    • MFP expired in 2016 and states are running out of funding and will result in the elimination of this program if Congress does not reauthorize it
  • Administrative Attacks to the Affordable Care Act
    • The Trump Administration continues to issue orders and change federal regulations that undermine the ACA’s primary goal of making insurance affordable for everyone
    • These attacks remove key elements of the ACA that protect people with disabilities from discrimination

We need to keep up our advocacy and educate our Representatives on the importance of Medicaid and CHIP to people with disabilities.

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