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What You Need to Know

  • Over the past few months, Congress has attempted to pass several different healthcare bills, all of which proposed devastating cuts to Medicaid.
  • The disability community’s advocacy played a key role in stopping this legislation.
  • The fight is not over.
  • Congress passed the 2018 Budget Resolution.  This paved the way for a fast-track-process to pass tax reform legislation that includes tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, elimination of tax credits and deductions that help people with disabilities, loss of healthcare coverage by millions of people and puts pressure to make cuts to Medicaid.
  • The proposed tax bill includes massive cuts to revenue, specific provisions that target individuals with disabilities, and repeal the individual coverage mandate in the ACA.
  • Attacks to healthcare are also occurring in the form of Trump’s Executive Orders and plans to cut Cost Sharing Reductions.

We need to keep up our advocacy and educate our Representatives on the importance of Medicaid to people with disabilities.

Key Facts

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