Medicaid Resolution 2018



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WHEREAS, Medicaid (or Medical Assistance as ita��s named in Minnesota) provides health insurance coverage for the neediest among us, including children, adults with disabilities, people in nursing homes, and low-income Minnesotans since 1966; and

WHEREAS, over 1 million Minnesotans rely on Medicaid for their health care coverage; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota has one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country due in part to access to Medicaid; and

WHEREAS, people who have access to comprehensive, affordable health care coverage have a lower risk of morbidity and mortality from disease than people who lack insurance coverage; and

WHEREAS, nearly 150,000 Medicare beneficiaries (18%) in MN rely on Medicaid for assistance with Medicare premiums and cost-sharing and services not covered by Medicare, particularly longterm care; and

WHEREAS, Medicaid expansion in Minnesota has lowered the uninsured rate to under 5% and covers important services such as mental health and addiction treatment; and

WHEREAS, the Medicaid program is an entitlement program for individuals who meet certain qualifications and income eligibility; and

WHEREAS, the Medicaid program is also an entitlement program for states who are guaranteed the federal matching share for all necessary medical services provided to Medicaid enrollees without individual state or national spending caps; and

WHEREAS, a strong healthcare delivery system is essential in supporting economic development and sustaining and recruiting business to Minnesota; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the _____________________ Party of Minnesota protect the promise of Medicaid made to the American people over 50 years ago, and oppose any changes to Medicaid that would reduce benefits, eligibility, or number of people enrolled in Medicaid in Minnesota.



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