Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

Sean Edward Pevsner
Medicaid provides 94 hours a week of personal attendant care. Before I give you my reasons for opposing this law, let me tell you about myself. I have severe cerebral palsy with a speech impairment. I am a licensed attorney in Texas. My best friend, Mark Whitburn, and I established our own law firm, Whitburn & Pevsner, PLLC. We practice probate, guardianship, ADA and FHA law. We represent students with disabilities and their parents against school districts that are not providing them the appropriate services. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, we have assisted students with Autism and other disabilities to receive a free appropriate public education.
Barbara Valliere
Mr. Bishop: I am Public Policy Specialist for United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan, I beg you not to support the tax cuts. People with disabilities depend on medicaid to stay independent and living in their own homes.
Our family is asking @SenatorIsakson & @sendavidperdue to please #VoteNoGrahamCassidy healthcare bill. #SaveMedicaid #NoCapsNoCuts ❌????
@senrobportman remember Troy and PWD when voting on #GrahamCasiddy #savemedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
#MondayMotivation my girl is my motivation every day to #SaveMedicaid #SaveACA @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski
.@SenBobCasey @SenToomey parents like me are fighting to #SaveMedicaid for kids w/disabilities. Our kids matter! Show us u agree & vote no!
.@SenatorCollins meet Brady. He depends on Medicaid. Please stand strong 4him. #nonverbal #autistic #JustSayNo #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid
Lilly is 6 she has a genetic disorder autism and ADHD. She is on SSI and uses Medicaid to get healthcare. #savemedicaid #Healthcare #Autism
As a Mainer w/ a mom w/ Alz on Medicaid we rely on @SenatorCollins to stand firm on health care. Thank you for your courage! #savemedicaid
Phil wants to ride with his friends in the community..so #savemedicaid @AndyAUCD @AUCDNews @kmusheno @MgmAUCD
.@SenatorCollins and @lisamurkowski, please stick to your guns and vote no! My daughter's life depends on it. #IAMTSC #PKD #SaveMedicaid
Please watch @NBCNightlyNews this week to see my #healthcare story. I'm still fighting to #savemedicaid. #medicaidmatters #aca @SenBobCasey
.@SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RandPaul this is the face of Medicaid. My baby girl. #saveACA #SaveMedicaid
They're home for the weekend, so have you reached out to your Senators yet on #GrahamCassidy? Help us #SaveMedicaid:
@brianschatz @michellehart99 This child will lose coverage if it passes! #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid #Medicaid
@SenJohnMcCain This cancer family Thanks you! Preexisting conditions are People!#NoGrahamCassidy #HealthcareforAll #protectourcare
When your child pulls out their life saving feeding tube u run for help. I don’t have to wonder can I afford it! #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid
.@RandPaul meet Brady. He depends on Medicaid. Please stand strong 4him. #nonverbal #autistic #JustSayNo #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid
.@lisamurkowski meet Brady. He depends on Medicaid. We r counting on u to once again stand strong. #Nonverbal #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid
@SenCapito Please follow Sen McCain's lead and end the madness. My daughter is relying on you. #Downsyndrome #SaveMedicaid #GrahamCassidy
"When you can get support…across the spectrum, it’s just better legislation.” - @lisamurkowski: Please stand with us too. #savemedicaid
@SenJohnMcCain thank you for supporting those w/ #disabilities. We need bipartisan #healthcare reform! #SaveMedicaid #GodBlessAmerica ?????
.@lisamurkowski meet Brady. He depends on Medicaid. We r counting on u to once again stand strong. #Nonverbal #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid
My daughter’s autistic and needs services that are already hard to get. She deserves health care! #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid
@jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive we thank you for not being quiet! I can’t be quiet either, she is the reason! #SaveMedicaid
@SenCapito For the sake of my child with a disability and all others, vote NO on Graham-Cassidy healthcare repeal! #SaveMedicaid
Summer Reece
My students will have no teacher. My bipolar, pregnant daughter will hurt herself my grandchild. Please, do not touch Medicaid.
Sandra Dickey Phillips
My name is Shawn Phillips and I am 36 years old. I have a fulfilling and happy life. This life is brought to me by Medicaid Waiver. If I did not have this program, my Mom would not be able to work and my life would be unfulfilled. I am lucky to have waiver, there are many on the wait list who do not. It took two medical crisis to get it after being on the wait list 6-8 years. Please don't take this away from me. Please help others get the same quality of life that I have.
Concerned about the #GrahamCassidy bill? Share your family's story here: GCHcomments@finance.senate.gov Every story matters. #SaveMedicaid
@benwikler @LittleLobbyists @aliranger29 @Nataliew1020 4/ we are at the point of begging our senators to let her have a life, to let her be a child #ProtectOurCare #SaveMedicaid
Don't just think about it, CALL these Senators today to #SaveMedicaid! ❤♿❤ 2022246472 2022246665 2022242523 2022245941 2022244521 2022242235
@senrobportman #savemedicaid One already must wait on a years-long waitlist to get a waiver in OH. Mdcd needs more resources, not less.
@senrobportman My son has Pre existing conditions, many medical needs, & will require lifetime care. He is a sweet 4 yr old. #SaveMedicaid
@aliranger29 Here's my son He's had #openheartsurgery+#leukemia #Healthcare for ppl w/ #disabilities=Medicaid #SaveMedicaid #NOGrahamCassidy
My son is not a #preexistingcondition #savemedicaid #OpposeGrahamCassidy #Downsyndrome #noGrahamCassidy #CareNotCuts
Visiting @SenThomTillis on behalf of @Nataliew1020. Please protect #sweetsophia and all the medically complex kids in NC #SaveMedicaid
I made the call. Please do the same. #SaveACA #savemedicaid. These Repugs are deplorable.
@SenJohnMcCain this my daughter. She is autistic. Medicaid pays for many of her services. Pls vote no on Cassidy-Graham bill. #SaveMedicaid
@ananavarro Plz talk to your friend @SenJohnMcCain to #ProtectOurCare & #SAVEMEDICAID for kids like my son w #T1D. I admire ur conviction.
These two could be denied health insurance bc of pre-existing conditions. Call your Senators! #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid #GrahamCassidyBill