Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

Medicaid helps people with disabilities live like everyone else. #Savemedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps #DontLimitMySon @SenatorFischer
"Without my nurses & med supplies, I could not live how I choose to live, & how I MUST live" #NoCutsNoCaps:
HELP #SaveMedicaid #NoCapsNoCuts @SenToomey @RepRyanCostello @SenBobCasey @SenateGOP @NDSS @SpeakerRyan #jakescrüe @NDSC
@SenFeinstein @KamalaHarris These are my peeps We need you to fight the #AHCA with everything you have. #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid #NoAHCA
Stacey is proud to visit members on the hill to share why work is important and supports for #pwd @SAAdvocacy #Nocutsnocaps
.@SenCoryGardner CO families are counting on you to #ProtectOurCare #NoCutsNoCaps @YoungInvincible
.@SenCoryGardner A Medicaid "glide path" would still be a crash landing for CO families #nocutsnocaps @YoungInvincible
.@SenCoryGardner Listen to Coloradans: Medicaid saves lives #nocutsnocaps @YoungInvincible
#Medicaid keeps Steve’s family healthy. Tell @JeffFlake to #SaveMedicaid, and to #ProtectOurCare.
Jennifer Harris
This is my beautiful 9 year old daughter Hannah. Hannah has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and numerous other medical issues. She is dependent on several medications, therapies, and equipment just to survive. She gets deeming waiver (Katie Beckett) Medicaid that pays for all of this. Without Medicaid I would not be able to afford even her medicine much less her therapy, and specialized care. I am a single mother raising two children on a teacher's salary. Without Medicaid I would have to be on food stamps because I would have to choose between her life saving medicine and having food to eat. Please don't cut or cap Medicaid my family and thousands of others can't live without it.
Medicaid pays for special ed services that students w disabilities need to succeed. @SenatorFischer #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
Celebrating @RachelsPinkHous 18th birthday so #SaveMedicaid will have to wait a day!
#SaveMedicaid for: ?Children ?Disabled ?Seniors in assisted living ?Low income workers #NoAHCA #KillTheBill2 #SaveACA #TheResistance
@SenToddYoung @SenDonnelly My son Kyle is one of the many faces of Medicaid. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
Republican #Medicaid Proposals Would Harm Vulnerable, Low-Income Older Americans:
@SenToddYoung This is one of the many faces of Medicaid #SaveMedicaid
.@SenBobCorker Please don't vote to gut Medicaid. It's a lifeline for people with disabilities, like my autistic daughter. #Nocutsnocaps
If Congress cuts Medicaid, kids, disabled, seniors & workers lose health coverage. #ProtectMedicaid
If Congress cuts Medicaid, kids, disabled, seniors & workers will lose health coverage. #ProtectMedicaid
.@SenToddYoung, my child and others like her NEED Medicaid. No Caps. No Cuts. Vote for children over party. You represent me. #SaveMedicaid
#SaveMedicaid @SenCoryGardner @SenBennetCO Cuts & Caps could leave people with I/DD vulnerable to institutionalization.
Nearly 2.5 million children live in poverty. #Medicaid serves our most vulnerable. #AHCA #SaveMedicaid #ProtectOurCare #ProtectOurKids
We’re proud to roll for #DisabilityRights w/@UnitedSpinal at 6th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill Jun.11-14. #ROCH2017 #ProtectADA #IAmMedicaid
#IamMedicaid My grandson the 1st Blues Brother to become US President and there will be health care for all!
Justin Smith
Here is a link to my #SaveMedicaid story: You cannot begin to imagine how expensive it is to have a severe disability. Even with good private health insurance, the copays for durable medical equipment or for equipment that I need that is not covered by health insurance would be outrageously expensive. I need 24-hour care to help me with ALL my basic personal cares. Imagine that you have to depend on another person to give you a drink of water if you’re thirsty, feed you if you’re hungry, and help you go to the bathroom when you need to go. It’s important for people to realize, that I can do what I do, because I have special equipment and support staff to help me do these things. This is why people with disabilities NEED Medicaid – to help cover the many costs that many people never have to worry about and get the equipment and staffing support we depend on to help live independent lives.
This is SO awesome! Just learned about #IAmMedicaid. These are the people who will be hurt by the #AHCA.
We roll to #ProtectOurCare. We roll for #Access2CRT. We roll for #DisabilityRights. We roll w/@UnitedSpinal. #ROCH2017 #No2AHCA #IAmMedicaid
Your voice can make a difference and save lives. Call 866-426-2631. Tell your Senators to #VoteNo on the AHCA and #SaveMedicaid
Medicaid is what makes all of this possible! #SaveMedicaid #TLCYork #FixTheDSPCrisis #NoCapsNoCuts
Big crowd for town hall mtg w/ Sen @JerryMoran #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid 4 @RachelsPinkHous & so many others
Half-million #LGBTQ people will lose health insurance after **1st** year of #Trumpcare. #SavetheACA #SaveMedicaid #dcpride2017
We are the Vogele's. Tana is our youngest daughter. She is 16 years old and remains undiagnosed with a rare disorder, even after 7 geneticists. She requires 24 hour around the clock nursing level care. She is currently fed intravenously, taking six seizure medications and still has daily (intractable seizures). She cannot speak, stand, bear weight, roll-over or help with her cares in anyway. Her mother gave up a law career to take care of her since she was an infant due to the lack of nursing care. Tana does have 40 hours/week of nursing now, but her mother still provides the majority of her care. Without the help, her mother would be unable to work a part-time job to supplement their income. Further her mother would not get any respite or relief. Tana has benefited from a waiver and CDCS benefits for 10 years. This program has allowed the family to stay intact, in their home. Tana has numerous medical tests, procedures and hospital stays yearly. Her family would not be able to afford her essential medical cares because our private insurance does not cover 100% of her costs. Just Tana's prescriptions for all her seizure medications are over $50,000/year. Her hospital stays are easily over $100,000/year and a 20 percent co-pay on insurance would not be feasible for us. The waiver allows her to remain living in our home, with her biological family. Her mother is a paid caregiver at significantly less cost than a hospital stay. Her nurses are covered for 40-50 hours/week under her waiver, and she receives several in-home services for therapy. We often have a difficult time getting her out for therapy due to her excessive sleepiness, seizures, or fatigue. We would simply not be able to provide her with the level of care she needs if there is a cut to Medicaid, or the waivers. Without her seizure medications, even one of them, she will seize for hours and hours, unable to sleep. Please do not cut Medicaid. We know that all those that are on waivers are very dependent on their services. To throw all the work out that has allowed families to keep children home, and that allows adults to live outside of facilities, would be devastating to the disability community.
Check ✅ "American Health Care Act Overview & Ways to Advocate 4 ur Child"
Kecia Weller
How has Medi-Cal benefited me in my life? I don’t have to pay for my extremely expensive medications because of Medi-Cal I get free of cost dental cleanings every 6 months because of Dental-Cal I have the great opportunity to live independently in my own apartment because I get support services from Westside Regional Center Independent Living Skills Agency Specialized Support Team I also receive IHSS through Med-Cal too Job Coaching Services Nutritional Counseling Psychological Services Also, because I am Medi/Medi, I don’t have to pay anything for medical visits via doctor’s office or the ER, etc. Kecia Weller, Los Angeles County
Who do you know who would be harmed by the #AHCA? More than you think
If congress cuts Medicaid, kids, disabled, seniors and workers lose health coverage. #ProtectMedicaid @SenCoryGardner
Here’s Who Loses Out if #Medicaid Funding is Cut:
.@chrislhayes Please keep raising this issue until you get some answers. Asking for my daughter with autism and epilepsy. #SaveMedicaid
Medicaid is important for me to live my dreams @SenPatRoberts & sen. @JerryMoran #dotherightthing #Nocutsnocaps
Southeast Asian American families are healthier with the #ACA: