Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

One more time... #SaveMedicaid
.@SenatorCollins meet Brady. He depends on Medicaid. Please stand strong 4him. #nonverbal #autistic #JustSayNo #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid
@SenJohnMcCain I beg you-VOTE NO #CassidyGraham This is my boy Arlo-1 year old-born w/ severe #hemophilia - we need you to #ProtectOurCare
Jeri Hinrichs
I am writing you on several different fronts. I have been involved in healthcare/medicaid as a consumer and as a mental heath care provider. I have had Medicaid for my family and I have had private and company provided insurance. I have seen and experienced the insurance market from several different positions. My family had our own healthcare policies in late 1980 & in to late 1990s as my husband was a self-employed farmer. My second daughter was born with ear infection. When we went to get a health insurance policy on her--we were told that a rider would be put on her ears--in a nutshell--no office visits, ER visits or surgeries done for my daughter's ears would be covered for 1 year. After the first year and several months, our health insurance premium tripled. We were forced to look at different insurance companies. However when we changed companies to get a more affordable premium and deductibles(which were high) a rider was once again put on my daughter's ears. That is just not acceptable and I do not want to go back to those times. In the first year of my daughter's life due to her having jaundice, a major surgery on her head, tear duct probed and my having my appendix out--we paid out of pocket over 12,000. That was financial devastating and took years to pay off. Whenever we had to look at new policies, I never stated I want 10 different options. Our insurance agent would pick 2 or 3--show us the premiums and deductibles and explain some what the policy covered. I DO NOT NEED 10 or 12 options. All I need is a policy that has a affordable deductible and premium, covered doctor visits, ER, surgery and any life alternating procedures. I have all of those pamphlets still in my desk. I did not read them, I put them up for safe keeping. When a medical emergency came up, I called my insurance company to see what would be covered. So the Republicans need to say I need choice is a crock. For 18 years, I worked as a teacher. My school district offered BCBS and my family was covered. The premiums and deductibles went up over the years and I was only offered the one policy--which was fine by me. When I was cut down to part time when the federal government cut the Title I funding at the school I worked, my children were on medicaid as we could only afford to pay the premium on me through the school. My husband had to have his own private policy again with huge premiums and deductibles. I am now a mental health provider in rural Nebraska. Rural hospitals and healthcare providers count on Medicaid to get health care to rural Nebraskans. I once again have to carry my own health insurance and am SCARED BEYOND BELIEF at this thought. I still have two children at home and I need to have them covered, as well as, my self. I am now 51 and now am in the category of 91% of people 50 to 65 year old having prep-existing conditions. I do not want to go back to high risk death pools and paying more for pre-existing bulging disc and the care I need to keep the pain under control. As a private clinic, a majority of my clients are enrolled in Medicaid. Many of these clients have SPMI--severely & persistent mental health issues. They would not receive mental health therapy or medications without the Medicaid program. During my internship in mental health, I worked with several veterans who had Medicaid and were able to not have to live in a nursing home because of the services they received through the Medicaid program. I also work with several children with developmental delays and they are able to attend therapy and take part in community treatment aid and community treatment support programs that support the family as a whole--that are covered under the Medicaid program. I do not understand why senators would be wanting to push a bill that Multiple Medical organizations have come out against and that would blow up our health insurance programs. The CBO will not be able to adequately score the bill before the needed vote. What happened to procedures and policies in the Senate? What happened to working across the aisle? Two different bipartisan groups of senators are trying to work on a bill for ALL AMERICANS--please let them do so. But then how will senators give the wealthiest people a tax cut if they do not cut Medicaid?
@ChuckGrassley Vote no to the Graham Cassidy Bill!!! #SaveMedicaid
@lisamurkowski Everyday we fight for our independence, to be true to ourselves. You can do it too! Stay strong. #SaveMedicaid #killthebill
@senrobportman being pro-life and anti-Medicaid expansion is an oxymoron. Vote no to #GrahamCassidyBill #SaveMedicaid
.@SenJohnMcCain .@SenateGOP My daughter is more than just a diagnosis. Please VOTE NO on #GrahamCassidy #SaveMedicaid
#GrahamCassidy harms access to healthcare for people living w/ #ALS! Urge Congress to vote NO #ProtectOurCare! @SenJohnMcCain @SenJeffFlake
@SenJohnMcCain My son is counting on you to vote NO on Graham-Cassidy and protect your most vulnerable constituents. #SaveMedicaid
My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. @SenTomCotton selling her and others like her out #ProtectOurCare
@BillCassidy #CassidyGraham will put John Paul's services and life in jeopardy. #NoCapsNoCuts #NoBlockGrants #DoNoHarm
@SenSasse remember: the republican party isn't a person, but she is: #savemedicaid #nocutsnocaps #lifeisbetterwithyou #preexistingconditions
.@lisamurkowski We are counting on you to once again to stand strong. #JustSayNo #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid #blowingkisses
@RealCrystalLowe thank you for lending your voice to help #SaveMedicaid. You could be helping my son, who has #Downsyndrome
@lisamurkowski I studied, worked hard to get a job. I need job supports to work and be independent. #SaveMedicaid #ProtectOurCare
#communityliving #communitythriving #SaveMedicaid
Did you call your senators yet? #savetheACA #saveMedicaid #protectourcare
Dear @SenRonJohnson We beg you to vote NO on Graham Cassidy bill and #SaveMedicaid
@SenatorIsakson @sendavidperdue Please protect your vulnerable citizens and VOTE NO! #savemedicaid
Dear @SenJohnMcCain... #GrahamCassidyNO #SaveMedicaid #ProtectOurCare
@SenTomCotton I'm urging you to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill. It would have devastating effects for people w/ disabilities. #SaveMedicaid
@MikeLevinCA @bulldoghill This is SO insulting. ? My daughters genetic disorder, which left her with a IQ of 24, WAS NOT a lifestyle choice. #savemedicaid
@senrobportman Troy and people with Down syndrome say #KillTheBill #GrahamCassidy #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
Lost his first tooth today! Kids with #Downsyndrome are just like everyone else and deserve access to healthcare #nocutsnocaps #KillTheBill
Tell Congress: Medicaid is Too Important for People with Disabilities
.@LindseyGrahamSC .@BillCassidy .@SenDeanHeller Stop trying to take health care away from millions. #RiseUp4HealthCare #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenatorCollins @SenCapito @lisamurkowski Please consider disability NO Graham-Cassidy #cdkl5 #SaveMedicaid #mitoaware2017
Corinne Pina
I am victim of 9/11 and a survivor of rape. I have been suffering from PTSD and depression for many years and also have a learning disability. As a result of these issues, I was never able to fully work and qualify for Medicare with a disability. Therefore, I am on Medicaid. With the repeal of Obamacare and gutting Medicaid, I could lose my health care coverage and would most likely die since I could not afford my medications. Thanks to Medicaid, I am able to access therapy and have my medical health issues covered. Please let's save medicaid and protect the most vulnerable people in our society.
@SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski Thank you Senators for standing up for millions including my daughter #saveACA #SaveMedicaid #rettsyndrome
For me and my son, Medicaid cuts don't mean hard choices. They mean life or death.
Don't destroy our lives. These costs are just a tip of the iceberg; don't include mine. #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid
Another interview. Please listen to our story. #nocutsnocaps #imhervoice #momadvocate
@SenatorIsakson From 30189. My son relies on a Medicaid waiver when our private insurance doesnt pay #VoteNo #Nocutsnocaps #SaveMedicaid
@marcorubio Do the right thing for your most vulnerable constituents #SaveMedicaid #nocutsnocaps
Once upon a time, kids with #DownSyndrome didn't get tonsillectomies or other basic care. #SaveMedicaid for kids like Will. #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenTomCotton My great nephew survived brain tumor and will now have a pre-existing condition for life. Thank you @AsaHutchinson #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid
@robportman Adrian looks to you for leadership in support of people w/ disabilities. Fight for us! We need u #SaveMedicaid #ProtectOurCare
Because all kids deserve basic healthcare #VoteNoMTP #savemedicaid #Nocutsnocaps @marcorubio @SenBillNelson
@SenatorIsakson @SenJohnMcCain @SenateMajLdr we beg #voteno #nocutsnocaps it's my life @georgiacouncil @P2PGA @realDonaldTrump it's real ✔️