Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

During my 2nd pregnancy I was covered by #Medicaid 4 3 months - my baby was diagnosed, my condition monitored - it matters! #ProtectOurCare
Barbara has health insurance thanks to subsidies Republicans' #HelathcareBill would upend. #KillTheBill #ProtectOurCare
"If Medicaid were to change, two of my children would no longer be able to live with me." #ProtectOurCare @autismmom2 @MomsRising
#Trumpcare will make it difficult for millions of people like Trei, who have a preexisting condition, to get health coverage #ProtectOurCare
Rose in Missouri needs @RoyBlunt to #ProtectOurCare! Read how Medicaid saved the life of her twins at
Republicans' new #HealthcareBill could risk Irma's life because the Cruz amendment brings back preexisting conditions. #ProtectOurCare
Leandra had 9 surgeries in just 13 yrs of life. She & her mom will keep speaking out until her healthcare is protected. #ProtectOurCare
.@MikeCrapo Idahoans like Rick need you to #ProtectOurCare.
Kari depends on Marketplace subsidies for affordable healthcare while transitioning. She needs Senators to vote to #ProtectOurCare!
Tara says her family 'doesn't want a free ride... just help' with paying for healthcare:
Al in #Idaho needs @MikeCrapo to #ProtectOurCare.
#ACA has saved Karin from over $100,000 in medical debt! Share your #healthcare story using #ProtectOurCare. Let's #SaveOurCare!
This young lady takes medication daily to stay healthy. Under #trumpcare, health plans may no longer cover her prescription. #ProtectOurCare
Famil faces of Medicaid #donoharm @SenJeffFake @SenCoryGardner @lisamurkowski @SenThomTillis #SaveMedicaid @SenCapito @SenBobCorker
Faces of Medicaid #SaveMedicaid families need you to #donoharm @lisamurkowski @SenThomTillis @SenJohnMcCain @JeffFlake @SenCoryGardner
Rick Benjamin
My sister is currently taking care of my 84 year old mother in her home in Wisconsin. She is helped by a medcaid program which is cheaper than mom being in a nursing home. My mom had used her savings taking care of my dad who has a stroke in 2001 and was disabled in the years before he died in 2008. It seems to me the Medicaid expansion is part of Obamacare for families that is working. The country needs a bipartisan solution
Mary Sandy
My husband and I are members of AARP, my mother benefits from Medicaid, and I have worked with students with various issues in public schools. Please do not cut Medicaid benefits.
#4SpecialEducation #savemedicaid #feeltheillinoise
@WCWVI @SenCapito Rayvon also needs #savemedicaid
@SenToddYoung @SenDonnelly #SaveMedicaid #faceIN .
#ACA repeal will have devastating impacts on innocent Americans. @SenateGOP Here are just a few of millions. #ProtectOurCare #SaveMedicaid
@timkaine family and friends Virginians #SaveMedicaid
@timkaine Virginians personal friends and family keep fighting #donoharm #SaveMedicaid
Family faces of Medicaid #donoharm @SenDeanHeller @SenAlexander @lisamurkowski @JeffFlake @SenCoryGardner @SenBobCorker #SaveMedicaid
Family faces of Medicaid #donoharm #SaveMedicaid
Family faces of Medicaid #donoharm #SaveMedicaid @lisamurkowski @JeffFlake @SenBobCorker @SenThomTillis @SenCoryGardner @SenDeanHeller
Constance Lewis
Constance Lewis is 25 years old person with Down Syndrome living and working in old East Dallas neighborhood. She lives, since her birth, at home with her parents Simon and Maria Lewis, who are able to care for her, and help her be safely involved in the community, because of Madicaid's Home and Comunity - Based Services program. She works two days a week for 2 hours shifts at YMCA White Rock Lake. It is a safe environment and the front desk people guard her from walking out with a stranger due to her overly trusting and friendly disposition, unable to discern danger. Beyond work, Constance is there every day exersising and socializing, she calls it "her second home”. Her enthusiasm for self-improvement is an inspiration to all. Constance also assists pastor Ramsey during church services at Highland Park United Methodist Church. For the past seven years she has been an actress in Jesters - Theatrical Company for people with disabilities. Without Madicaid's Home and Comunity - Based Services program Constance would be institutionalized like in the past, before HCBS.
I want y'all to see the people out here fighting with us #ProtectOurCare #SaveMedicaid
Mark in Maryland is fighting to #ProtectOurCare for his son Timmy! @ChrisVanHollen @SenatorCardin read
Nancy Gapinski
I am the volunteer legal guardian for my friend Lisa who has severe autism and uses the Medicaid HCBS Waiver Family Care for care management services and to meet her 24-hour supervision and support needs to stay safe. She lives at an adult family home that does a great job helping her stay healthy, volunteer, and participate in activities in her community. I have known Lisa for 20 years, first as her county care manager and now as her friend. She does not have any family, who can provide the support she needs. Prior to her move into the adult family home, Lisa was institutionalized due to self-injurious behavior. One day at Winnebago Health Center costs $1052. I never want her to go back there because even one day spent there, also has a high emotional cost. Her adult family home provider cannot afford a rate reduction as they already struggle to hire direct care staff given the current reimbursement rate. Some of her care providers also likely qualify for Medicaid themselves as their earnings are so low. I don’t think Lisa would be happy living with my busy family and our unpredictable schedule, so I don’t know what I would do if the adult family home provider could not serve her due to rate cuts. She is one of the most vulnerable people I know and Medicaid is truly her last resort. Please vote "no" to the BCRA. I don't want to see cuts or caps to Medicaid.
Jenny Benjamin
Please vote no to the BCRA. I don't want to see cuts or caps to Medicaid. My elderly mom needs Medicaid to have her care needs met so she can stay in her home and out of a nursing home.
#wearemedicaid #SaveMedicaid
Beth Swedeen
My daughter Cara is 24 and was a chromosome deletion resulting in physical, intellectual, and mental health disabilities. Last year she also experienced extreme heart failure. With the support and healthcare from Medicaid, she has several jobs in the community from which she pays rent and her household expenses. She is living with a roommate in her own apartment and is now managing a lot of her healthcare herself. All of her success is dependent on optional support in Medicaid that simply cannot continue at their current levels if this senate bill is past and Medicaid cost containment takes place . Her whole life will crumble apart and her health and safety are at risk. People with disabilities and their families have many practical and financially responsible ideas for containing the cost curve in Medicaid but we have not been part of this Conversation. Please please slow down the speeding train, listen and work with us, and move to a reform in healthcare that will truly benefit all and ensure supports for those who need the most and women's lives are at risk without a careful approach . Beth Swedeen, 6450 Dale St., Madison, WI, 53711
lynn sheridan
I am the daughter of an awesome 93 year old mother and the mother of an amazing adult son with significant developmental disabilities. I worry so much about the future and how the cuts to Medicaid will impact both of these people who I love. We have to fight for everything we get now in the way of assistance. How will it be when the cuts take effect? There is nothing "better" about the bill in the Senate right now. Please, please, work together to fix the problems with the ACA. It was never perfect, but it has the potential to be so much better for all of us. Thank you!
@RoyBlunt Here is my hero, relys on Medicaid for lifesaving treatment over 300K a year. Trump Care will kill him once he meets cap. #SaveMedicaid
Pamidronate infusion day. Siblings feel the struggle too. #KeepKidsCovered #ProtectOurCare #specialneedssiblings #Duchenne
What You Can Do to Help Save Health Care, Whether You Have Democratic or Republican Senators
Please save Medicaid, it is crucial for many families with children with disabilities. Mine included. Thank you, vote No to more cuts to Medicaid.
#SaveMedicaid #FaceIN @SenToddYoung @SenDonnelly Children like mine need Medicaid to cover their complex conditions.
Still here.Still need to #SaveMedicaid @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi solidarity #ADAPTandRESIST