Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

@ASlavitt Unfortunately, Rubio is my senator. I wish he'd work harder for my kids. #NoCutsNoCaps
#suicidesurvior #SaveOurCare #NoCutsNoCaps
Nursing home employees in Colville, WA are worried that cuts to Medicaid will hurt their clients #SaveMedicaid @cathymcmorris #ColvilleCares
VIDEO - #Medicaid is helping families stay healthy. Watch Bailee's story.
No break from healthcare crisis. Lila & many kids will suffer if #Medicaid caps/cuts happen. #ProtectMedicaid.
@SenDonnelly @SenToddYoung Hoosiers want you to #SaveMedicaid! #nocutsnocaps
@senrobportman watch Down syndrome advocates on @Upworthy #SaveMedicaid #nocutsnocaps
The future is scary for Patrick but it’s MUCH scarier if the work we’ve done so far is for nothing. #SaveMedicaid
@senrobportman Please fight for Medicaid. My dad, a teacher, with Alzheimer's depended upon it. #SaveMedicaid
Louisiana Sen @BillCassidy your constituents are speaking out-listen. NO to #AHCA NO medicaid cuts #SaveMedicaid
Admiring Lady Liberty. Liberty=Freedom Can he be free without quality insurance when he has #T1D? NO! @SenBobCasey @SenToomey #SaveMedicaid
@SenatorCollins To help people w/ disabilities preserve their freedom and ability to live at home & hold jobs. #SaveMedicaid 3/
@ASVenturaCounty If any of your members would like to join us & share their stories to #SaveMedicaid, please send them our way!
.@GovRauner speak up! Protect the 30k Illinoisans, me included,who need home services! #ILsaveACA #iammedicaid
Helen Reyes
My sister Anna is a women with Down Syndrome and on dialysis, without Medicaid she will die.
Casey Hertel
My name is Casey, I am 37 years old. I was born with Spina Bifida, which left me unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. I was also diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, leaving me with a shunt to drain fluids off my brain. I have been on Medicaid since I was 18 years old. Without my Medicaid I would not be able to go to the Dr. for the health problems I have encountered throughout life or even live my life... with out the shunt I would not live as it help relieve pressure from my brain from too much water. I have had 3 shunt revisions in my lifetime, without Medicaid I wouldn't have received those revisions. So Medicaid means "life" to all who receive it. Medicaid means "Independence" to all who receive it.
"Any cuts to #Medicaid would be detrimental to my baby's future & her life." @CNN #SaveMedicaid #ProtectOurCare
@justiceinaging blog: Senate Health Care Bill Bad for Grandparents, Parents, & You #SaveMedicaid #KilltheBill
#SaveMedicaid #KeepKidsCovered #ProtectMedicaid #ProtectOurCare #IAmMedicaid
#bringbackobama Who didn't try to cut taxes for wealthy by robbing poorest & most vulnerable elderly! #NoBCRA #ProtectOurCare #SaveMedicaid
@SenatorIsakson @sendavidperdue repair don't repeal healthcare for all #SaveMedicaid #CDKL5USA
@SenJoniErnst protect him, because he can't. This bill isn't the answer, people will suffer. He will suffer. #NoCapsNoCuts #SaveMedicaid
Medicaid helps people with disabilities live lives like everyone else. #SaveMedicaid
Congratulations to Sarah P. on moving into her own apartment! Click for more:
Why is #Medicaid important to Marie? Let's find out...
@SenatorIsakson Thank you for listening to your disability constituents last night. #SaveMedicaid for my son who is on wait list now.
Cynthia Jennings
After a 25 year marriage, my husband left me and our 2 sons. When he finalized the divorce, I was a 50 year-old woman with 2 pre-existing conditions, taking daily medication, with 2 sons at home (the oldest of whom was born with multiple disabilities). I quickly learned that I did not have enough income to be eligible to purchase insurance through the Marketplace...yet I had too much income to qualify for Medicaid. I had no insurance. Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, my state (PA) had to option to expand Medicaid - which they did. THE ACA IS THE ONLY REASON I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. I was then able to afford my prescriptions, and keep up with routine check-ups and dental care. At one of my health screenings, the doctor detected pre-cancerous polyps which he removed. I remember him telling me it was VERY good that I came in when I did! My older son's disabilities and level of care limit the number of hours I can work. He is supported my Medicaid waiver funding. The waiver pays for a program he attends so I CAN go to work. Medicaid also provides some in-home supports and allows him to convey his wants and needs by providing a communication device for him. He is an active member of our community and recently obtained his first part-time job. Cuts to Medicaid would devastate his life and without those supports, I would need to leave my job to care for him. It's frustrating and scary! I am college graduate who planned a life much different than the one I am living. It all changed when our first son was born and we learned of his chromosome abnormality. My husband and I decided that I would leave my profession (my husband's job paid better) and I have been the primary/sole caregiver of our son for more than 23 years. The boys and I have experienced a drastic drop in income since the divorce, but we have adjusted and still manage to live within our means. I have been able to hold it together - barely at times - with the support of the ACA and Medicaid. Changes and Cuts to these programs will be devastating for my handicapped son, myself, and my family.
Good morning, friends! It's Tuesday. That means it's time to pick up your phones and call your Senators to oppose this bill. #SaveMedicaid
NJ caregivers are speaking out today to defend #healthcare! Call your Congressperson at 866-426-2631 & tell them to #VoteNo & #SaveMedicaid!
Why is #Medicaid important to Molly? Let's find out...
@ASlavitt My daughter receives many services for autism thanks to Medicaid. #saveMedicaid
#nocapsnocuts #savemedicaid #downsyndromemom #DisabilityRights
Don't let the holiday weekend distract you from what's still happening on the Hill. #NoCutsNoCaps #SaveMedicaid #esmw
The forgotten Medicaid recipients
Please @GovernorDeal @SenatorIsakson @sendavidperdue #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps #VoteNoBCRA Jacob & his friends thank you!@georgiacouncil
Robert Lawhead
COLORADO MEDICAID IN ACTION: SAVING LIVES, MAKING A LIFE-CHANGING DIFFERENCE FOR ONE PERSON AT A TIME This story is about Jess, an infant with Down syndrome, born in Denver to a crack-addicted mother, and given up for adoption in early 1996. The adoption process, initiated through the weekly television-based Wednesday’s Child project, was interrupted by a life-threatening event. At nine months Jess developed croup resulting in the need for a tracheotomy due to severe sub-glottal stenosis and tracheomalacia. Children's Hospital physicians told the pre-adoptive family that the associated mortality rate for these conditions in infants with Down syndrome was significant and that if he survived, the associated morbidity included a life with no speech, and inability to breath without a machine. Jeffco Social Services fast-tracked the months-long adoption process to one week so Jess was released to his new family directly from Children's instead of going to a medical group home. This development would have been impossible without Colorado Medicaid. Surgeons at Children's Hospital had limited experience with a life-saving operation that would involve severing his vocal chords to repair his trachea. After research, the family found Dr. Robin Cotton, a British surgeon practicing at Cincinnati Children's, who had successfully performed a procedure that widened and stabilized the trachea by suturing a section of rib directly into the windpipe. Following considerable advocacy on the family’s part and extensive medical review, Colorado Medicaid approved the surgery in Cincinnati. The family had to wait until Jess weighed almost ten pounds which was challenging due to a failure to thrive diagnosis associated with the tracheostomy. Medicaid private duty nursing assured his medical stability prior to the operation. Long story short, the operation was a success. Jess’ vocal chords were saved. After 18 months of trach-suctioning induced sleepless nights and occasional private duty nursing through Medicaid, Jess was successfully decanulated. Through his childhood and teen years Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) have allowed him to build relationships and learn life skills within his community. As a result, he just graduated high school with numerous community connections and will hopefully begin work supported by a job coach paid for through Colorado’s HCBS program at Cosmos Pizza or Rincon Del Sol in the fall.
Protect your future! Medicare will be next on the chopping block! #SaveACA #VoteNoBRCA #SaveMedicaid Call Your Senators 202-224-3121
@marcorubio You and your colleagues trying to take Medicaid from my autistic daughter is sinful. #nobcra #savemedicaid
Back to work @SenatorIsakson - You have heard-now share your constituent's concerns & vote NO to BRCA and #SaveMedicaid for my son & family.