Faces of Medicaid

Millions of Americans rely on Medicaid to live with dignity. The vital services provided by Medicaid enable American’s with disabilities to live and participate in their communities. This isn’t about data and numbers, it’s about the lives of real people.

#IamMedicaid Thank you Senate No Vote on Health Care in next week Please don't take away my care Do what's right
@SenSherrodBrown Medicaid helps me live at home. I have a physical disability without Medicaid I would live in a hospital #IAmMedicaid
Just met .@KamalaHarris and thanked her for fighting to #SaveMedicaid which enables me to intern for the @WorldBank #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenGillibrand As a native NY'er I know you're opposed to the new healthcare bill but in case you're in need of visual reminder #IAmMedicaid
March & Rally on #NoBCRA @uscapitol diverse support4 #NoCutsNoCaps Medicaid essential 2full inclusion 4PwDs as citizens @DanceforMyself
One mother asked us to share her story!
@SenatorBurr #SaveMedicaid #Nocutsnocaps
12 Year Old Twins Julia and Maya need #SaveMedicaid @SenatorIsakson and @sendavidperdue people over politics
Shelli Burdo
Both my son and grandson have disabilities. Without Medicaid my son would not be able to afford his medicine for seizures. In January Medicaid approved his Vegas Nurve Implant to reduce seizures. It's June and the VNS has stoped hundreds of seizures. He has worked at Walmart for the past 2 years. Due to his seizures he had to reduce hours to 8 hrs a week and be very tired when he got home. Now he is working 32 hours a week and doing great. My grandson is now 6 and has been diagnosed with autism. Medicaid has helped him with getting the medical needs and services he needs. Without Medicaid both of these very special individuals would have very poor quality of life or not be here anymore .
Kerri Smith
Hello, My child was born with Down syndrome, visual impairments and 4 yrs ago was diagnosed with Autism and seizure disorder. Without the help of medicaid, I do not know how we would make it through. Between the 5 therapies a week, a school funded by the state by medicaid and the unusual number of illnesses that continue to surprise me and he ends up in the ER or the hospital. I know that we are eternally grateful for the services that we are getting. If you were to take those away, I as a single mother whom works a part time job to take care of her son would not be able to substain the life that we have. I am one of the 44 % that is below poverty level. I barely qualify for services as is because they say that I make too much money. I am lucky to bring home perhaps annually about $ 16,200.00. If medicaid would be cut, I would then have to pay over $ 1220.00 a month to have health insurance on my son and I. Then we have the deductable that the insurance company states that I have to meet. An astronomical amount of $ 18,000.00 before my insurance would kick in to pay for any of medical. Heck, I do not even make this much a year but, now I will be required to meet. This does not include the cost of daycare, let just ballpark figure it to anywhere from $ 15.00 to $ 20.00 an hour. because let's face it. These children do not function well outside their comfort zones. A regular daycare center is off the table...I would be working just to cover the medical and daycare expenses. What about housing and food. Those are essentials are they not. I am sure that I am not the only parent that has found themselves in this predicament. I am a highly educated woman with a college degree whom has decided to put the needs of her child first. We are just asking that you look at the picture as a whole and not through rose tinted glasses..
Christina Frye
I'm a job coach for adults with developmental disabilities!
@SenCoryGardner Cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for people with disabilities! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps @Disabilitylawco
@SenCoryGardner ALL people should be free to live the lives they want. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenSasse @SenatorFischer don't let this beautiful and bright girl lose services while her family loses hope! #Nocutsnocaps #SaveMedicaid
37 million #babies & #children rely on #Medicaid for care #DontCapMyCare #KeepKidsCovered #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps #ProtectOurCare
@SenCoryGardner Medicaid is a lifeline to critical community supports for people w/ disabilities! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenCoryGardner On Olmstead anniversary, stand up for people with disabilities!! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
New video from Laradon on how cuts to Medicaid will impact IDD community
Medicaid helps people with disabilities live like everyone else. @BenSasse @SenatorFischer #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenCoryGardner Hard working CO families depend on Medicaid! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
@SenGillibrand In NY my niece was born early & would have died w/o Medicaid; now she's thriving bc of it. Protect our care #Nocutsnocaps
@SenGillibrand Her parents have good jobs w/ insurance BUT w/o Medicaid they wouldnt have been able 2 afford 2 keep her alive #Nocutsnocaps
@RonJohnsonWI This is my son, saved by the ACA and Medicaid. He has autism and cancer. #SaveMedicaid
There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more. #NoCutsNoCaps
Medicaid matters in every community. #Senate don't cut #Medicaid #SaveMedicaid
.@SenSherrodBrown @robportman Plz Stand up 4 constituents like me. Vote NO on proposed #Trumpcare bill
Not trying 2 bombard U, but want you 2 UNDERSTAND. This bill will kill many of us! We fight 4 our kids #NoCutsNoCaps @robportman @SenCapito
#saveMedicaid #lifewithLeo
@autismvotes @autismspeaks #medicaid gives those with special needs (incl my nonverbal autistic son) needed therapy,a chance to live an independent life #SaveMedicaid
@SenatorIsakson My son is on the GA Medicaid waiver wait list for 10 years now due to lack of funds. Vote NO to more cuts! #SaveMedicaid
My son is on the Waiver wait list in GA for 10 years - Vote NO 2 CUTS! Help our families care for our special loved ones! #SaveMedicaid
Senate GOP bill would gut critical public health funding this fall @AARPOR #NoCutsNoCaps
Their innocence & sweetness I cherish & the fight for their future will never end #SaveMedicaid #Ignite4Autism #HealthcareNotWealthcare
@SenatorRisch @MikeCrapo gathering for our march to your office. Look forward to seeing you!!!! #NoCutsNoCaps
The time to act is NOW! Call your Senators or Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. Find your senator:
I can hardly speak. What a raging #Hypocrite. #SaveACA #SaveMedicaid #Resist #ImpeachTrumpNOW @SenateMajLdr #asshole #immoral
2 yr old Claire delivered 100 POWER postcards to @SenToomey asking him to #SaveMedicaid bc her life depends on it
Ben Oxley from McDonough,GA says, "My life would be so unfulfilled without Medicaid."
Lacey Woida
I need medicaid for a cadi waiver that offers extra support for me to be able to live on my own. I have a disability "Mental Illness". I also need medicaid to help pay for things medicare doesnt pay for. With Medicaid I can see my doctors, have an ILS Worker, have food delivery, Medical cab rides, therapy of all kinds. If I didnt have medical cab rides I wouldnt be able to get to my many mental health appointments and that would very much negatively affect my well being. Minnesota Mental Health Care and Programs is one of the better ones in the U.S. but it still isnt enough and people die and go homeless all the time. I almost died seeking mental health 2 times in one week and the hospital turned me away because of no room in the whole state, the third time I came back that week I had a major overdose an attempt on my life. I knew to get help but because minnesota mental health care and funding is still lacking this is my story. To take medicaid away competly or limit it would cause many lifes and many peoples ability to live freely. Awhile back I was very close to being homeless because of my mental health and not being able to keep my job because of no insurance, in fact I had to stay in a board and lodge for a year and it was hell. I am good at adovacating for myself but tooo many people can't.
Camille MacRae
My beautiful, brilliant, autistic son who will lose his pivotal services. Maybe Pat Toomey can come help me explain to him why his needs are not deemed worthy by our society.