Tax Bill Disability Tweets

Update: July 31, 2018

Thanks to your efforts, a bill delaying Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for a year passed!  The bill was signed by the President on July 30, 2018, delaying the deadline for a state to implement an EVV system or lose a percentage of Medicaid funding for one year. A delay will give advocates more time to address the significant concerns with EVV and its potential impact on people with disabilities.  We will keep you updated on next steps.



#TaxOnDisability Sample Tweets

87M families low & middle-income families, including many people w/disabilities, will see a tax hike, not a tax cut.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

People under 40K/year (including many ppl w/disabilities) will see a tax hike in FY2019.A� This is not a middle class tax cut.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

All people under 75k/year, including many people with disabilities, will see a tax hike by FY2027.A� #TaxOnDisabilityA�

#TCJA repeals the individual mandate, shifting billions that would fund Medicaid and help people buy health insurance to pay for lower taxes for millionaires. #TaxOnDisabilityA�

13M more Americans will end up uninsured as a result of the repeal of the individual mandate to pay for tax breaks for millionaires.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

The individual mandate underpins the protections for pre-existing conditions. If it goes, the #pre-existing conditions protections will likely follow.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

To find enough dollars to make corporate tax cuts permanent, the tax bill lets most of the modest cuts for individuals EXPIRE after 5yrs.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

#TJCAa��s $1.4 trillion deficit increase will require cuts to Medicare, disability employment programs & other important programs under budget rules. #TaxOnDisabilityA�

If the tax bill passes, a small business will pay more to install ramps or Braille signs, but millionaires will still take deductions for their private jets.A�#TaxOnDisabilityA�

I am 1 of 9M #Americans who utilized the #medicalexpense deduction for _____. Removing it is aA�#TaxOnDisabilityA� (BONUS: if possible, attach a photo of you and the item)

    • Wheelchairs, including operation and maintenance costs
    • Money paid for transportation a�� including bus, taxi, train, plane or ambulance services a�� for medical care for people with disabilities, as well as their caregivers
    • Installing specialized medical equipment in a patienta��s home or vehicle
    • Physical therapy
    • Prosthetics
    • Expenses related to the costs of buying, training and maintaining a service animal
    • Improvements to a property rented by a person with a disability, such as special plumbing fixtures

The holiday season provides a great chance for seasonal work for #disability community. CBusiness credits for creating those opportunities can reach $2,400; ending Work Opportunity Tax Credit is aA�#TaxOnDisability

Eliminating orphan drug tax credit is aA�#TaxOnDisability. Older Americans, ppl w disabilities more likely to have rare disease, conditionA�#TCJAA�#TaxReform

Under #TCJA 1/3 fewer drugs 4 rare diseases would be developed. Families of people with such conditions left without options, hope. No toA�#TaxOnDisability

#TCJAa��s $1.4 trillion cut in revenue could force massive cuts to #Medicaid and damage state programs for ppl w disabilities. No to#TaxOnDisability

After decades fighting to live and work in the community, #TCJA moves the goal post for #disability community to realize the American Dream.A�#TaxOnDisability

#TCJA may result in older Americans and #disability community paying more taxes on Social Security benefits.#TaxOnDisability

It’s frightening how multiple attacks on the disability community all feed into another: effort to repeal ACA, the tax billA�that is aA�#TaxonDisability, and HR 620, a bill that would weaken the ADA.A�

#TCJAA�could kill investments in underserved communities that provide ppl with disabilities a place to live and a place to work. No toA�#TaxOnDisability

Source of data for tweets:A� Center for American Progress, The Republican Tax Plan Is a Tax on Disability