Tax Bill Disability Tweets

Update: June 22, 2018

Today is national MFP Call-in Day!  Help celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision by calling your members of Congress and asking them to co-sponsor and pass the EMPOWER Care Act.  This bill would fund the expired Money Follows the Person (MFP) program that helps move people from institutions to the community and make Olmstead a reality.  Pick up the phone, get on social media, and spread the word!



#TaxOnDisability Sample Tweets

87M families low & middle-income families, including many people w/disabilities, will see a tax hike, not a tax cut.#TaxOnDisability

People under 40K/year (including many ppl w/disabilities) will see a tax hike in FY2019. This is not a middle class tax cut.#TaxOnDisability

All people under 75k/year, including many people with disabilities, will see a tax hike by FY2027. #TaxOnDisability

#TCJA repeals the individual mandate, shifting billions that would fund Medicaid and help people buy health insurance to pay for lower taxes for millionaires. #TaxOnDisability

13M more Americans will end up uninsured as a result of the repeal of the individual mandate to pay for tax breaks for millionaires.#TaxOnDisability

The individual mandate underpins the protections for pre-existing conditions. If it goes, the #pre-existing conditions protections will likely follow.#TaxOnDisability

To find enough dollars to make corporate tax cuts permanent, the tax bill lets most of the modest cuts for individuals EXPIRE after 5yrs.#TaxOnDisability

#TJCAs $1.4 trillion deficit increase will require cuts to Medicare, disability employment programs & other important programs under budget rules. #TaxOnDisability

If the tax bill passes, a small business will pay more to install ramps or Braille signs, but millionaires will still take deductions for their private jets.#TaxOnDisability

I am 1 of 9M #Americans who utilized the #medicalexpense deduction for _____. Removing it is a#TaxOnDisability (BONUS: if possible, attach a photo of you and the item)

    • Wheelchairs, including operation and maintenance costs
    • Money paid for transportation including bus, taxi, train, plane or ambulance services  for medical care for people with disabilities, as well as their caregivers
    • Installing specialized medical equipment in a patients home or vehicle
    • Physical therapy
    • Prosthetics
    • Expenses related to the costs of buying, training and maintaining a service animal
    • Improvements to a property rented by a person with a disability, such as special plumbing fixtures

The holiday season provides a great chance for seasonal work for #disability community. CBusiness credits for creating those opportunities can reach $2,400; ending Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a #TaxOnDisability

Eliminating orphan drug tax credit is a#TaxOnDisability. Older Americans, ppl w disabilities more likely to have rare disease, condition#TCJA #TaxReform

Under #TCJA 1/3 fewer drugs 4 rare diseases would be developed. Families of people with such conditions left without options, hope. No to #TaxOnDisability

#TCJAs $1.4 trillion cut in revenue could force massive cuts to #Medicaid and damage state programs for ppl w disabilities. No to#TaxOnDisability

After decades fighting to live and work in the community, #TCJA moves the goal post for #disability community to realize the American Dream.#TaxOnDisability

#TCJA may result in older Americans and #disability community paying more taxes on Social Security benefits.#TaxOnDisability

It’s frightening how multiple attacks on the disability community all feed into another: effort to repeal ACA, the tax bill that is a#TaxonDisability, and HR 620, a bill that would weaken the ADA.

#TCJAcould kill investments in underserved communities that provide ppl with disabilities a place to live and a place to work. No to#TaxOnDisability

Source of data for tweets: Center for American Progress, The Republican Tax Plan Is a Tax on Disability