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Update: August 4, 2017

With the hard work of the disability community, we successfully stopped all of the proposed health care bills! However, there are still a number of ways in which Congress could cut health care and Medicaid. Your Congressional representatives will be on recess and working in their state offices through Labor Day (Sept. 4).  We need your help to ensure that lawmakers in both chambers know that you are invested in making sure they do not approve legislation that would cut or cap Medicaid. Please,  meet with your representativesattend a Town Hall, or go to an event.  Let your representatives know that cuts to Medicaid put individuals with disabilities at risk of losing essential services that allow them to live and work in the community. This cannot happen. See here for more inforamtion. 

Update: July 28, 2017

Last night, the Senate's final try at a healthcare bill failed, with Senators Collins, Murkowski and McCain voting no.  This would not have happened without your tireless advocacy! Months of non-stop visits, calls, emails, sharing of your stories, rallies, and protests have paid off.  We should celebrate that our advocacy has made a difference.  Please send your thanks to the senators that voted against the bill.  We are committed to continue fighting any attempts to cut Medicaid or access to healthcare and will keep you updated and appreciate your support.  Again, thank you for your advocacy and let's celebrate this hard-fought victory.      

The Center for Public Representation relies on your support to be able to fight for the rights of people with disabilities.  This fight is not over, and we still need your support!  Donate here.  

Update: July 27, 2017

The final vote in the Senate is expected to occur later today or tomorrow. Over the past two days, the Senate has voted on and failed to pass their original repeal and replace bill (the Better Care Reconciliation Act), and a second version which largely repealed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without replacing it (the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act). It’s because of your advocacy that they didn’t have the votes for either of these versions. 

However, today is the last day of debate, and the Republican leaders are still trying to decimate our health care. Within the next day, the Senate will be voting on a "skinny bill." This bill would repeal the ACA’s individual and employer mandates, and would lead to an estimated loss of insurance by 16 million, increased premiums, and $220 billion less in federal Medicaid funding. If the Senate passes this "skinny bill," it would advance to a conference to be reconciled with the House’s American Health Care Act (AHCA), with its more than $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid.  It is expected that the Republicans in conference would re-introduce large parts of the BCRA or AHCA, including devastating Medicaid cuts and caps.  Read more about the issues of the skinny bill here

During the last few hours of this debate, please make your voice heard!  We need to callwrite, and make our voices heard. We need the Senate to know that no version of the bill is acceptable. Please reach out to your senator and the key senators and tell them to #VoteNo and to #SaveMedicaid.


Update: July 26, 2017

Today is the 27th anniversary of the signing of the American with Disabilities Act! The advocacy in the last few weeks has been incredible. On this historic day, we need to keep it up! Over the next couple days the Senate will be voting on different versions of the Senate health care bill. We expect the final vote to be tomorrow, July 27. Every version of this bill is unacceptable and would lead to millions of people with disabilities losing their health care, and billions of dollars of cuts to Medicaid. 

As the Senate debates these bills, please reach out to your senators and the key senators, Senators Capito (WV), Corker (TN), Heller (NV), Portman (OH), Graham (SC), Moran (KS), and McCain (AZ). Tell them that #nocutsnocaps are acceptable, to #killthebill, and to #savemedicaid.  If you’re in DC,  please join Senators Casey, Van Hollen, Duckworth, and Hassan at noon in front of the Supreme Court for a press conference. They will be celebrating the ADA, and discussing the threat that Americans with disabilities are facing.

Update: July 25, 2017

Today the Senate will vote to consider a bill that will either gut Medicaid or dismantle the health care system. We don’t know which of the two bills will be considered. What we do know is that millions of people will lose their health care if the motion to proceed is not stopped. Millions of lives are on the line. This morning and early afternoon we need to jam phone lines, fill email boxes, and join rallies and events asking Senators to #VoteNo on the motion to proceed, as well as on any bill that cuts or caps Medicaid or rolls back protections for pre-existing conditions if any bill comes to the floor.
As you may have heard, Senator McCain is returning to DC today in time for this vote.  There will now be 100 Senators, so Vice President Pence can now break a tie. If the motion to proceed passes, the bill will move into debate (although Senator McConnell could choose to just table it if they aren't ready for a vote on a bill).  After the debate, there will be a vote-a-rama.  If the motion to proceed passes and the bill moves forward to debate, we expect a final vote likely late Wednesday or early Thursday
Reminder for anyone in the DC area, the NCIL march and rally is today (info here).  Our advocacy has been making a difference -- let's up it today!  

Update: July 25, 2017

Despite all of your incredible advocacy, the motion to proceed narrowly passed this afternoon, with all of the Republican Senators aside from Senators Murkowski and Collins voting yes to proceed. Vice President Pence also voted yes to break the 50-50 tie.

Now as the Senate continues to debate the health care bill, we need to increase our advocacy! We need to call, write, and make our voices heard. We need the Senate to know that no version of the bill is acceptable. Please reach out to your senator and the key senators and tell them to #killthebill and to #savemedicaid. This fight is far from over. 


Update: July 24, 2017

The Senate is expected to vote on a motion to proceed tomorrow. This means that a bill that will deprive 10 million people with disabilities of their health care, and lead to over 700 billion dollars in cuts will be moved to the next stage. This is unacceptable. Republican Senators are feeling intense pressure to allow the bill to go through. We need to match and beat this pressure, and encourage them to say NO! We need to tell our Senators to #killthebill and #savemedicaid.  No version of the current bills is acceptable.

Please call your senator and the key senators today. This is urgent! Please also consider joining the activities happening this week in D.C. and around the country. We need your advocacy and voices more than ever!

Update: July 20, 2017

The last few days have been jam-packed, and there is still uncertainty as to what we can expect next. However, we do know that the Senate is planning on voting on a motion to proceed early next week, the first step in bringing a bill to a vote on the floor. This means we have to keep up the pressure and tell the Senate to #VoteNO and #KillTheBill.

Right now the Senate has two bills before it: the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) and the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act (ORRA). Both of these bills lead to massive cuts and loss of health care for people with disabilities. The BCRA will cut Medicaid by $756 billion dollars, and will lead to 22 million people losing their health care. The cuts to Medicaid will increase over time, leading to a 35% cut by 2036. The ORRA would eliminate health care coverage for 32 million people by 2026, and 17 million by next year. It would also increase health care plan premiums by at least 100%. Both bills would cut home and community based services to people with disabilities.  Both bills also weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  In short, both bills are unacceptable. Learn more about the bills and their CBO scores here and here.

We are not sure which bill will be voted on next week, but we need to keep our message strong that cuts to Medicaid and pre-existing protections are unacceptable. The Republican Senators are feeling massive pressure to pass a bill, so we need to step up our game. We need to thank the Senators who have voiced their opposition to the bills – particularly Senators Collins, Murkowski, Capito and Portman – and ask them to #StandStrong and #VoteNo.  And we need to encourage other senators to join them in opposing these bills! Please Act Now by continuing to call, write, and attend events. This fight to #SaveMedicaid is not over!

Update: July 18, 2017

July 19 Update: The bill is back. But now there are two.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell came out today promising a vote to repeal the ACA next week.  There are now TWO bills being readied: the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BRCA) and a new bill, the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act (ORRA).  They're both harmful and it's unclear what bill the Senators will be asked to vote on.  We'll keep you updated as we learn more but for now you can continue to make your voice heard.

Call, email, tweet, visit.  Tell them to vote no on a motion to proceed.  

Be sure to thank the Republican Senators who have come out against the bills: Senators Collins (ME), Murkowski (AK), Capito (WV), Senators Lee (UT), and Moran (KS). 

What happened?  Last night, two more Republican Senators – Senators Lee (UT) and Moran (KS) – joined Senators Collins (ME) and Paul (KY) in opposing the Senate’s health care bill, the better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). Because Senate Majority Leader McConnell does not have the votes needed to pass the BCRA, the vote is not going forward. This is a huge accomplishment and would not have happened without your incredible advocacy.

What's Next? Senator McConnell announced last night that he will now try to move a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and delay implementation for two years.  However, just in the last hour, three Republican Senators announced they would oppose a “repeal and delay” bill – Senators Collins (ME), Murkowski (AK), and Capito (WV).  We will keep you updated on Senator McConnell’s potential next steps to move a bill forward. In addition, earlier today the House announced that it is beginning its 2018 budget process, and cuts and block grants to Medicaid are in that mix.  In sum, things are very much in flux.  But we do know that the fight to save Medicaid is not over, and we need to keep up our advocacy!  

What can you do? First off, take a breath and congratulate yourself for all the hard work.  Take a look at some of the people who are fighting to save Medicaid and benefiting from your advocacy. We then need everyone to keep up the message that cuts, caps and block grants to Medicaid are unacceptable. We will need you to keep callingwriting, and attending events. Please also join in the emergency letter writing campaign (that has a deadline of midnight tomorrow) and tell the Senate why Medicaid matters to you. 

Thank you again for your incredible advocacy.  We have shown the world that advocacy works, and that the disability community is a force to be reckoned with.   


Update: July 17, 2017

Senator McConnell has delayed the Senate vote on the health care bill, due to Senator McCain's absence from DC following a surgery. This means we have more time to advocate.  The rallies for today, beginning at 2 pm in DC are still on. However, tomorrow's events have been postponed. Today's featured speakers include:

Senators Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono, Elizabeth Warren, Brian Schatz.
Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Reps. Hoyer, Ellison, Schakowsky, Pocan, Torres, Kennedy.

PLEASE KEEP UP THE ADVOCACY! Please keep writing, calling, and attending events. The deadline for submitting a save Medicaid letter for the Arc to deliver has been extended to Wednesday. We want to show strong support for Medicaid from all over the nation, but we are particularly looking for letters from the following states: Nevada, West Virginia, Alaska, Louisiana, Ohio, Arizona, North Dakota and Kansas.

Update: July 13, 2017

The Senate has released a revised draft of their new health care bill. See our analysis here. In short, it's still incredibly harmful:  devastating per capita caps are still included in the bill and it has the same initial growth rate and the more restrictive growth rate beginning in 2025.  The bill is moving quickly towards a vote early next week, and we need everyone to act now!  

Here are another few key points about the bill:

  • The revised bill still will have, based on the recent CBO, $772 billion in cuts to Medicaid, and will cut Medicaid by 35% by 2036, and 15 million people with lose Medicaid.  
  • There have been no changes to the carve out from caps for "blind and disabled children."  In case you missed it, here is a blog about why it doesn't protect children with disabilities.
  • A new 4 year pilot for home and community based services (HCBS) program was added.  It is limited to $8 billion and targeted to low density states.  This new HCBS program would not even fully replace the funding that the bill cuts for another permanent HCBS program (Community First Choice).  And it does nothing to address the long term cuts to HCBS by the caps.
  • There has been virtually no change to the Medicaid expansion provisions (only substantive change  is that states can include the Medicaid expansion population in block grants).

We expect a CBO score on Monday and for the bill to move forward to a motion to proceed shortly after that. We need to #killthebill! There is incredible advocacy occurring all over the country. Please join in events and act !




Update: July 12, 2017

The Senate is moving quickly to complete their revised bill. We expect the new language on the bill to be released as early as tomorrow. The CBO score is expected early next week and the bill could be voted on late next week.  We need to keep the momentum going to ensure that we #savemedicaid. Please attend the events in DC and around the country, and continue to make your voice heard by calling in. It is especially important that the senators in key states are contacted. We expect that any revisions to the bill will still include cuts and caps to Medicaid.  We need to tell congress that this is simply unacceptable! 

Update: July 10, 2017

Congress returns to DC today. We need to make our voices heard loud and clear that we oppose any bill that cuts and caps Medicaid and fails to protect people with pre-existing conditions.  
The Senate is desperately working to get to 50 votes to pass their bill.  Over recess, the Senate sent additional potential proposals to the Congressional Budget Office for scoring.  We expect the CBO score late this week or early next week and for the Senate to bring the bill to the floor shortly thereafter.  
The next three weeks are critical.  Call your Senator every day.  Keep up the great op-eds, media stories, and social media.  Plan or join in visits to your Senator, rallies, and protests.  This Wednesday, join in a national Disability Call-In Day, and get our message heard!

Update: July 7, 2017

National Call-in day is Wednesday, July 12th.  We want to thank everyone who has been working so hard this recess to protest the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). With Senators returning to DC next week, we want to be sure they continue to hear the opposition to per capita caps loud and clear. To make sure that message continues, CCD is organizing a National Disability Call-In Day on Wednesday, July 12th. Please Save the Date! We will follow-up on Monday with a sample script and companion social media. 

Update: June 30, 2017

Your senate is going on recess, but this is not a recess from our advocacy! We challenge you to do one thing every single day of the July 4th recess.  Please see our take action page for strategies on how to #killthebill and #savemedicaid. You need to make sure your representatives know that their proposed health care bill would decimate Medicaid and harm millions of seniors and people with disabilities. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the disability community to take action NOW to strongly oppose the AHCA, particularly its devastating cuts and caps to Medicaid.


Update: June 29, 2017

Recess is a critical time to make your voices heard in your state. Your senators will be home for the July 4th recess. You need to make sure your senators know that their proposed health care bill would decimate Medicaid and harm millions of seniors and people with disabilities. The newest score from the Congressional Budget Office estimates a $772 billion cut to Medicaid and estimates that by 2036, Medicaid spending will be 35% less than under current law.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the disability community to take action NOW to strongly oppose the AHCA, particularly its devastating cuts and caps to Medicaid.

Please see our take action page for strategies on how to #killthebill and #savemedicaid during the July 4th recess. 

Update: June 27, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office's score of the Senate's "Better Care Reconciliation Act" came out last night. It shows that 22 million people will lose insurance, including 15 million under Medicaid. The CBO also found that the bill would cut $772 billion from Medicaid over the next 10 years, with even more steep cuts thereafter. Among the "losers" in this bill would be people with disabilities, who rely on Medicaid as the only source for critical long term services and supports. See more about the CBO here.

The Senate is slated to vote this week. If you have a Republican Senator, keep calling and writing (or get your friends and family with a Republican Senator to do so). Please attend one of the many events occurring around the country this week. We must save Medicaid! We must prevent the support of people with disabilities from regressing 50 years!

Update: June 27, 2017

Senator McConnell has pushed the vote on the Senate healthcare bill until after July recess! This is a direct result of all of your work and advocacy.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over.  Some senators who were going to oppose the motion to vote on the bill, made clear they are NOT necessarily opposed to the bill. 

We therefore need to keep up the advocacy over the next few days and over the recess! We need to make it clear that no cuts and caps to Medicaid are acceptable. Call, write, and please attend events occurring in D.C. and in your state. 



Update: June 23, 2017

The Senate has released its draft healthcare bill (the “Better Care Reconciliation Act”) and is moving quickly towards a vote next week. The draft bill is devastating. We need to ACT NOW to save medicaid and the lives of the millions of Americans who depend on it.

Like the House bill, the Senate bill contains per capita caps that would completely restructure the Medicaid program and cause devastating cuts to the critical services on which people with disabilities rely.  In fact, the Senate bill has even deeper cuts than the House bill

Senators will be home this weekend. A number of Senators are very concerned about this bill. The time for Advocacy is NOW! Please, please, please, take a few minutes out of your day to callwrite, or attend events in your home state ! Tell your Senator that you are against this bill and urge them to Save Medicaid!

Update: June 22, 2017

Today is the 18th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Olmstead v. LC, where the Court declared that people with disabilities have a civil right under the Americans with Disabilties Act to live and participate in their communities. But the AHCA's drastic cuts and caps to Medicaid threaten this right.  The right to community living is hollow if people cannot access the services they need!
Please call and write your Senators today. The Senate is still moving towards a vote next week.  In addition, please consider tweeting your Senator about the connection between Olmstead and the AHCA. Check out these sample tweets targeting  Senators who supported the Americans with Disabilities Act who are now supporting the AHCA.  Please join us in making clear that you can't both support the right of people with disabilities to live in the community and the AHCA's caps to Medicaid.  

Update: June 20, 2017

Our sources on Capitol Hill have confirmed that the Senate's bill is moving quickly and that the Senate could be voting as early as next week on a bill we still have not seen! We understand that the Senate bill still has per capita caps, and in fact, those caps may be even worse than those in the House bill.  But there is still hope to stop this!  We need to redouble our advocacy efforts to fight against cuts and caps to Medicaid!

Action: Please take five minutes out of your day everyday to call the Senate to ask them to say NO to cuts and caps on Medicaid! And today, please urge the Senate to #showusthebill through social media from 12:30pm to 2:00pm


Update: June 19, 2017

This Tuesday (June 20), Senate Republicans will meet to discuss and be briefed on the contents of the Senate version of the AHCA at their caucus lunch from 12:30 to 2 pm. The public has not seen the bill, and Senators have indicated we won’t until right before the vote.  So while Senators have their lunch meeting on Tuesday, we must demand to see the text of the bill and that there be hearings before it goes to a vote.  

Please join us from 12:30 to 2 pm on Tuesday, June 20th on social media demanding to see the bill and asking for hearings. Millions of people with disabilities rely on Medicaid– we need to demand that the Senate #ShowUsTheBill. For ideas of what to say, click here!

Please also keep calling, and taking action!

Update: June 14, 2017

We need everyone to ACT NOW to  stop the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and SAVE MEDICAID.  The Senate plans to vote only days from now!  Please take 5 minutes out of your day and call your senator now! If you know anyone in the key states, please encourage them to call their senators. Remember, there are a few senators who hold the key to stopping the AHCA. Your call can make the difference!
We need everyone to redouble your efforts and advocate non-stop over the next 10 days to stop the AHCA’s cuts and caps to Medicaid.  Our best hope for stopping this bill is getting out as many people as possible, particularly in key states, to tell their Medicaid stories and urge their Senators to oppose the AHCA and its Medicaid caps.

Update: June 8, 2017

Our advocacy over the next 2 weeks is critical – the Senate is moving quickly and plans to vote on the bill the last week in June.  By all accounts, the bill is largely based off the House bill and includes per capita caps.  We must continue to put the pressure on the Senate about these cuts and caps to Medicaid through in person visits (in DC or at their home offices), phone calls, and emails.

Update: June 7, 2017

Yesterday thousands of people across the nation stood up and told our representatives “NO! We will not have healthcare changed on the backs of people with disabilities.”  

While yesterday sent a powerful message, now is not the time to sit down. The next few weeks are critical in preventing cuts and caps to Medicaid! We need to continue to join together and make our collective voice heard.

Today's Actions:

Enjoy our photo wall “Faces of Medicaid” and powerful photos from the June 6th actions.

Submit your own photos through the site and share any media coverage your action received.

Sign up for our email list to receive updates on actions over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned as we continue to update our report of yesterdays actions.

Update: June 6, 2017

Today is the day. Join advocates around the country to #SaveMedicaid and tell our representatives #NoCutsNoCaps!

Update: May 31, 2017

June 6th is a day of action! Please join us and stand up for people with disabilities at a rally in D.C.  Help us stop the Medicaid caps and cuts and save the lives of people with disabilities. Read more about the event here. If you cannot attend the rally in D.C., you can still participate by calling your representatives, posting on social media, or by participating in a rally in your own state. We will continue to provide updates about these important ways to make your voice heard. 

In the meantime, please continue calling! Recess is a critical time to make your voices heard in your state. You need to make sure your legislators know that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would decimate Medicaid and literally harm millions of seniors and people with disabilities. The newest score from the Congressional Budget Office estimates a $834 billion cut to Medicaid.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the disability community to take action NOW to strongly oppose the AHCA, particularly its devastating cuts and caps to Medicaid.

Update: May 26, 2017

Recess is a critical time to make your voices heard in your state. Legislators will be home from May 29 to June 2nd. You need to make sure your legislators know that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would decimate Medicaid and literally harm millions of seniors and people with disabilities. The newest score from the Congressional Budget Office estimates a $834 billion cut to Medicaid.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the disability community to take action NOW to strongly oppose the AHCA, particularly its devastating cuts and caps to Medicaid.

Please continue calling!

On June 6th join us and stand up for people with disabilities at a rally in D.C. and others across the nation.  Help us stop Medicaid caps and cuts and save the lives of people with disabilities. Read more about the event here.

Update: May 12, 2017

As we continue to educate legislators about the impact of this bill's dramatic cuts to Medicaid on people with disabilities, we're hearing that calls and emails from the disability community about Medicaid are being drowned out by other concerns with the AHCA.  

You matter, your story about Medicaid is critical, and your call makes a difference.

It is absolutely essential to make the case, in every state, to U.S. Senators, Governors, and key members of the legislature about the impact of the Medicaid per capita caps on community services and supports for individuals with disabilities.

Please, whether you're a lifelong activist or haven't voted in years - take five minutes today to help defend essential services for people with disabilities.

Update: May 4, 2017

The AHCA passed narrowly in the House today. And yes, we're sad and disappointed.

But, it's not time to turn away disheartened and give up. It's time to take a minute, regroup, and come back strong. The bill barely made it through the House and the path in the Senate will even tougher; Republicans can lose only two vote for the bill to pass.

We'll be posting more information and calls to action in the coming days. 

Thank you all for your continued work!

Update: May 3, 2017

9:00 PM: The House has said that they'll bring the AHCA to the floor tomorrow with House Republican leadership saying they expect to have the votes to pass it. 

2:00 PM: We're once again on high alert as it looks like this bill could get enough votes to make it through the House. A new amendment adds funding to high risk-pools while leaving the fundamental flaws of this legislation untouched. The core concerns of people with disabilities and their advocates have not been addressed.  The amended AHCA will still cut $880 billion from Medicaid; leave people with pre-existing conditions, including people with disabilities, unprotected; and make coverage of essential benefits like mental  health care optional.

It is critical that you make our opposition to this bill heard.  Together we've blocked previous versions of the AHCA. We need to do it again. 

PLEASE, act now, call your representatives, make your voice heard, spread the word. 

Update: April 27, 2017

Despite our success in getting the House to withdraw the American Health Care Act earlier this month right before Congressional Recess, the AHCA may be back as early as next week.  Over recess, the House developed amendments to the AHCA that have made it even worse for people with disabilities.  The amended AHCA still will cut $880 billion from Medicaid, but now will allow states to choose to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions (including disabilities) and decide not to cover essential benefits (like mental  health care).  It is critical that you make our opposition to this bill heard.  

Update: April 13, 2017

Thanks to the incredible advocacy of people like you, the American Health Care Act was withdrawn. But we know that the fight to protect Medicaid is far from over.  The latest news is that Congress is turning back to working on a healthcare bill.  We must keep up our advocacy.  Your Congressional representatives will be on recess and working in their state offices from April 10 to 21.  This is a great time to meet with your representative, go to a Town Hall, or plan an event. 

Update: March 30, 2017

It's still unclear, but there's some buzz suggesting this bill may be coming back. We'll keep you updated as we know more but please continue to stay engaged and educated!

 Speaker Ryan  withdrew the AHCA and stated he will not be reintroducing it anytime soon!  Thank you for your incredible advocacy.  While this is good news for now, we know that there could be further legislation or harmful regulatory action related to Medicaid. 

Update: March 24, 2017

Speaker Ryan  withdrew the AHCA and stated he will not be reintroducing it anytime soon!  Thank you for your incredible advocacy.  While this is good news for now, we know that there could be further legislation or harmful regulatory action related to Medicaid. We'll keep you updated and help you take action.

Update: March 24, 2017

Act Now - the AHCA is on the Floor of the House

The House is debating on AHCA right now and will vote this afternoon around 4 or 5pm. The bill includes a  NEW amendment that further harms people with disabilities,  repealing Essential Health Benefits.

 These amendments are causing some moderates to flip their “no” vote to a “yes”. We can’t let the bill pass! Here’s what we need you to do ASAP: Call. Call. Call. Call. Email. Tweet

Call the main Capitol line at: (202) 224-3121 (You’ll be directed to an operator at the Capitol switchboard. This switchboard can direct you to both senators as well as representatives.)

Update: March 23, 2017

House GOP leaders did not have enough votes and postponed today’s planned vote on the AHCA. The latest information is that the vote might happen tomorrow or Monday. The current version of the bill still imposes unacceptable per capita caps on Medicaid services for people with disabilities. There is not a final version of the bill and negotiations are still in process. Please make your voice heard today.

The new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score shows that the amendments would cost more without insuring more people.

Update: March 21, 2017

The last information from Capital Hill is that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will be going to the House floor this Thursday for a vote. As is, this bill would be devastating to people with disabilities –  we need you to take action now. 

Proposed updates to the bill do not address the concerns of the disability community. There will still be dramatic cuts to the Medicaid program.